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About Us

Our Story

In the wake of COVID-19 the world was ready for change. What started as a fun live stream quickly turned into a new passion to reach a global audience and promote and inspire healing and change in the world. 

The name was inspired in a collaboration with Lily Dale Registered Medium Angie Hewwitt-Abt, and the idea that for things to really grow, all parties must come together in the spirit of collaboration over competition.

Why we are different

We are building a community of contributors that have a passion and desire to do more than just heal. We are on a mission to help people find their own unique voice in this world and have the courage to shine that voice without fear of judgment of others or themselves. 

Though we do have a physical office in North Olmsted OH, all of our contributors offer virtual content, as well as classes and/or services.

We also offer a unique opportunity called a discovery call where you get to connect with one or more of our contributors to see what is possible, and the best recommendations based on your unique needs. 

Cooperation not competition

All of our contributors work with each other not against each other to support the work we do.

Body, Being & Beyond

We seek to do more than just offer to heal to our clients. We seek to empower them to be the most authentic voice in this world.

Something for Everyone

We have everything. Psychic to physicians and most everything in between.