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Art of Spiritual Healing

A 9 month shaman apprenticeship program with don Zane Curfman.
Begins May 4th 2021

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Do you hear the call of the shaman?

You do not have to be a healer  working with people to enter the world of the shaman. Shamanism is an art that can benefit virtually every part of your life and enrich how you interact with the world around you. 

The space you hold may be the greatest contribution to the world you could offer. Regardless of if you are a lawyer, a healer, or a mechanic, your ability to connect with nature and the unseen world can help you and all the world shift from surviving to thriving. 

What is included in the 9 months

In this interview Hank and Zane take a deep dive into what you can anticipate from the Katari tradition of cross cultural shamanism.

We provide support every step of the way for you to build confidence stepping into your personal power and developing your relationship with the sacred unseen world. 

Recorded Lessons

Pre-recorded lessons along with supplemental materials are available weekly.

Be sure to watch them prior to the live calls each week where you have an opportunity to ask questions. 

Weekly Live Calls

Almost every Tuesday through the 9 month programs we meet for a live call. 

In addition to Q & A, we  use these to do ceremonies, journeys and to partner up to practice techniques. 

Monthly Virtual Clinics

At least once a month on a Saturday or a Sunday a make up clinic is available for people to partner up and practice any techniques  from missed call, or just to get additional experience. 

Do you hear the call?

In this interview, Zane goes into how he heard the call of the shaman and found the Paqo Kuna traditions of Peru from a rainbow serpent that came to him in a vision. 

Zane and Hank go on to talk about how you know if you have heard the call to self empowerment to hold the space for change yourself and the planet. 

What is the Katari Tradition?

The Katari tradition is deeply rooted in the Paqo Kuna traditions of the Q’ero Indians of Peru as well as several other traditions throughout the region. 

We say that the gold is in the differences. We celebrate our uniqueness and our ability to harmonize differences. 

It is also all about community, being in Anyi with each other and all of our fellow travelers. 

Actualize your dreams


Step into healing by overcoming your original wounds and transforming generational energies that could be holding you back. Discover many healing techniques including the secrets of laying on of hands and spiritual healing.


Transcend the limits time and space and discover how to manifest and actualize the life you have always desired. Also discover how to hold the space for those around you to step into new possibilities and healing.


Learn to embrace your spiritual gift and how to find, know, be and express your unique voice and medicine gift in this world. Inspire the world by simply being you!

The Apprenticeship

The program is not a journey you take from the kingdom of “me” it is one you take from the kingdom of “We”. It is above about all learning to live in community and in the energy of what is called Anyi. Anyi is Divine reciprocity where you are in a constant flow with everything and everyone around you.

Everything around goes beyond our fellow creatures, it is in a divine exchange with nature itself, with existence itself. 

Through the 9 month program you learn practices that have been passed down from melinia along with earth honoring ceremonies that teach you to learn to be the hallow bone to all the energies around you. 

In this space you learn to perceive, know, be and express your unique medicine gifts in this world, and hold the space for others to step in and express their gifts. 

It does not matter your walk of life. You do not need to be a healer to step into your place and space of personal power and sovereignty. 

Beyond the Program

Throughout the 9 month apprenticeship there are resources that include a  Private Facebook Group, social nights via zoom, and virtual clinics to practice. 

You develop life long friendships in this program that continue to enrich your spiritual journey for lifetimes to come! If you are a stepping into a role as healer opportunities exist through our alumni network to help you express your medicine gifts. 

There is an in person annual alumni retreat offered where we continue to build community as well as schools of instruction if you feel called to teach the Katari Tradition of Cross-cultural shamanism. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is designed that in total you would spend 2-3 hours per week. 

You can of course opt to do the exercises more than once and to put additional time in if you are able to. 

The weekly time commitment includes:

  • Pre-Recorded lessons
  • The weekly live call
  • Homework/exercises. 

We understand that there are occations when students cannot be live on the call. The calls are all recorded and accessible through the learning platform. 

For the practice you are able to network with the other students in the group to exchange sessions or attend the monthly make up clinic to get your practice in. 

Yes! For alumni of the program there are additional deep dive classes as well as a school of instruction to become endorsed to teach certain classes including Shaman Secrets, Navigating the Sacred and more. 

More information is provided towards the end of the 9 month program for those who wish to continue their journey. 

There is no governing body regulating classes on Shamanism. We can provide a “certificate of completion” but there is no formal certification.  

For those who go on to be able to teach at least a basic class, your information is included on the Wild Hearts Medicine Website with an endorsement of don Zane Curfman. 

No problem. You can click below to book a discovery call with Hank, or e-mail your questions to 

Particle scholarships may be available for those in need. These are reviewed on a case by case basis. 

To obtain an application please reach out to Hank Setala at

For people in the same household going through the program at the same time we can look to make an accommodation. Please contact Hank Setala at and request more details.

Yes. We can either create a private online experience or create a customized in-person experience at a retreat center or similar venue. Reach out to Hank Setala at 

Yes. Please reach out to Hank to discuss your needs.

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