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What if your greates trauma could be your greatest gift?

If you are local, join us for the live class on January 29th. starting at 10:00 am. 

We will be offering it as a virtual 4 part series in March, every Wednesday  night from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm EsT 

The investment is $250.00 and will include a class recording and access to pre-recorded exercises to help outside of the class. 

Join Us!

A.S. I. F.O.R.G.I.V.E. M.E. is a process of inner work that will help you transform and integrate your shadow. If you can be completely vulnerable with yourself, you can be in allowance of all of your choices in all of your lifetimes and step into wholeness. 

In the space of wholeness, anything is possible. How free would you like to be from only creating within the confines of this reality? 

Are you Ready to Take the Leap?

Make no mistake, you did not find me by accident. The people that work with me are in the energy of demanding change to the universe. The question is, will that change come with the energy of resistance, or will you take the plunge, get vulnerable, and fast-track your emergence into being? This program and all my offerings are designed to help you to perceive, know, be and express your unique voice in this world without being impacted by other people’s judgments. What if all of life could come to you with Ease, Joy, and Glory?

The Origins of the Class

This class was conceived of during a life activation workshop with Dick Sutphen who has been called by many the grandfather of past life hypnotherapy. While in deep trance, Spirit gave me an acronym, AS I FORGIVE ME, which each letter representing a specific action to help illuminate the things that are holding you back from stepping into your unique voice, and transform and integrate was is required to spring forward in your experience and shatter the limitations conforming you to this reality. 

My passion is for you to live and express your soul passion

Are you ready to step into the infinate possiblities available to you?