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Bodhi Life Circles

What is Bodhi Life?

Bodhi life is all about bringing people with a mindset around positivity and healing together to explore topics such as:

  • Consciousness
  • Energy
  • Growth
  • Meditation
  • Healing

And all other facets of spiritual growth and wellness. We celebrate our differences and uniqueness and create a safe space for people to receive and share. 

Every month has a different theme. For the specific meeting information, please join the Meetup. 

Meetings are held at CoHatch in Ohio City every Friday from 9:00 am-10:30am. Please join us!

You can text “Info,” and your location to 440-522-2862 and Elise can get you all the information for upcoming events near you. 

Want to dive deeper?

Every month there is a day and a half deep dive bringing you a concentrated dose of experiences around the monthly theme. 

The founder of Bodhi-Life does the work to find and vet the best healers and providers that have things to share around the topics. The immersions are held at places that offer a wholesome and nurturing atmosphere. 

About the Founder

Elise Free is someone that I would call a “Master Manifestor” She went from the Real Estate world to putting on world class healing events in just a short 12 months. 

Watch the video to get a taste of the magic that she has made available to the world, and use her story of inspiration to help you to choose to live your best life. 

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