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Shamanic Breath Ceremony

Join Us!

Join The Sonic Shaman Hank Setala and Pranayama & Yoga teacher Cricket O on Saturday, September 24th at 7:00 pm for a sound healing and shamanic breath experience.

This event will take place at Goddess Elite

28887 Lorain Road
North Olmsted

This Shamanic Breath Experience is geared to reset the nervous system. It creates space for participants to be supported in developing self-confidence in their own inner sight and capabilities. Participants will be given a breath-tool that will balance and harmonize the masculine and feminine energies within the body to create a feeling of rootedness in their own being.

Each session will last about 2 hours. The Energy Exchange is $25.

The breath is a gateway to the cerebrospinal fluids, and so is an immediate way to access one’s Prana. This breath ceremony is created with the intention of making space to release stored mental, emotional, and physical trauma. It provides space for the participants to journey through a nervous system reset0


A taste of the experience

All Levels are Welcome

Come ready to engage in some light movement and a deep breath practice that can lead to spiritually profound experience. We will be breathing through the pranayama kriya Vyana Vayu. Vyana Vayu a yin-style pranayama kriya that is done while laying in savasana. The proper use of the breath can generate a gateway for the removal of mental and emotional stagnation. The proper use of breath can charge the energetic body and raise the vibratory rate to a higher frequency.

What to bring

Yoga mats, you will be sitting and laying on the floor. A scarf/bandana as an eye covering that will remain in place during the practice. Wear comfy clothing and be sure to bring warm socks (getting the Prana moving in this fashion often causes the body to chill)

Hank Setala, the Sonic Shaman, will be playing healing instruments such as crystal bowls, chimes, and gongs. The interaction between the different sound waves help the body to achieve new levels of relaxation which enhances the experience and deepens the connection to the divine. 

About Cricket O

Cricket O is a devotee to the Feminine path of God Realization, a Pranayama and Yoga teacher, as well as a Ceremonialist who began working with Peruvian mysticism in 2014. Her practice has been largely informed by the medicine traditions of the Q’ero Indians, Indigenous to the high Andes Mountains, as well as the Shipibo, Indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest.

Cricket is a channel of Divine Feminine Wisdom and passionately supports the resurrection of the Sacred Feminine to everyday life. As an activist and midwife to the creation and expansion of the new humanity, she holds the frequency of deep communion with the Web-of-Life. Her purpose is to restore and empower others in their return to the basic rhythm of life’s cycles.

About Hank

Hank Setala is a master blender of healing modalities specializing in sound healing and the Paqo Kuna tradition of Peruvian Shamanism. He serves as the co-director of Wild Hearts Medicine Society which offers an ongoing apprenticeship for his shamanic tradition and is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale New York. 

Everything that Hank offers is designed to help you perceive, know, be and express your unique voice in this world. You can learn more about hank at 

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