Ceremony & Sound

Ancient Peruvian ceremony mixed with the power of sound healing. Last Friday of Every Month. As well as May 3rd

Join Us!

On the last Friday of every month Hank offers a Ceremony and Sound experience at the center. You can attend in person for $30.00.

Each concert takes on a life of its own. 

Recordings of the sound baths are available to Patreon  subscribers. 

What does sound healing do?

Sound healing is a bridging modality meaning that there is research showing it has physiological effects, as well as evidence showing there are things happening on a much deeper level. 

It promotes relaxation, balances the energy centers and more. 

Your Facilitator

Hank Setala has apprenticed the Katari tradition of cross cultural shaman for almost 10 years.

He makes events like this available to help you find your unique voice in this world and step into wholeness through life coaching, healing, and educational services. Are you ready to take a leap?

How to Prepare

Come with an openness and willingness to receive. Due to COVID, we do require pre-registration to limit how many people are at the center at any time. 

Also, we invite you to bring a yoga matt and a blanket If you do not have one they are available on request.  

Wear comfortable clothes. For our virtual friends just get comfortable and relax.