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Ceremony and Sound

Ceremony and Sound Immersion

Join Hank Setala the Sonic Shaman the 4th Friday every month at 7:00pm for a immersion into sound and healing. Attend in person or attend online.

Join Us!

Every ceremony and sound concert experience takes on a different theme and has a life of its own. In-person space is limited to just 9 people. We encourage “BYOB” (Bring your own blanket) however there are blankets available on request, and yoga mats are provided if you would like to lay down. The event also streams. You can register and watch it live, or it will be released one week after the event date on our YouTube channel. 

In-person investment is $30.00 per person. Online is 100% by love donation. 

What is Ceremony?

The ceremony is a ritual or series of activities that help to open and hold sacred space. The ceremony at the start of the event sets the tone (pun intended) for the entire experience. 

Hank’s ceremonies are rooted mostly in the Paqo Kuna traditions of Peru, as well as other native traditional influences. 

How does sound healing work?

Sound is one of the modaliteis that bridges from the physical to the metaphysical. Science shows us that there is a profound philological effect on the body that helps with relaxation, pain, and even inflation. Science also shows us that the interacting tones cause sacred geometric patterns within our body responsible for aiding to balance the energy centers of the body 

How to Prepare

The trick to healing is being in allowance and willingness to receive. Set aside everything and simply be open. be in the space of not expecting anything, but also be in the space of allowance of anything. This combination where we see people have profound experiences that may be life-changing. 

What local people are saying.

"I'm taking the ashes of my former self and creating something refined and true from the carbon I want to learn to make something beautiful with my life and utilize whatever time I have left to put my good where it will do the most"
A happy Reciever

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