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Become a Contributor

Ready to change the world?

Becoming a contributor means that you have a desire and a passion to not just offering healing services, but to empower your clients to truly tap into that divine seed within, help to cultivate it, and support them to flower their own unique voice in the world.


Generative Contributor Model

How does the model work?

Cooperation not competition

We believe that in the energy of abundance that there is no competition and we can support each other in everything that we do.

To have a view of competition would be to come from the energy of scarcity. 


Creationship not Relationship

Relationships function from duality where we perceive ourselves as separate from one another. 

In our model, we acknowledge that in under all that, there is oneness, and from this space recognizing that we are one with each other we move from relationship to creationship. 

Anyi ~ Divine Riciprocity

This is an ancient concept from the Paqo tradition of Peru. It is all about being in the flow and be in a state of constant exchange with the universe and one another. 

Between the practitioner and Emergence of Being the mindset is “put in more than you take out” In this energy both the contributor and Emergence of Being can grow.

Become a contributor in 3 steps

Discovery Call

Schedule a discovery call to ensure that your vision is aligned with Emergence of Beings and have a chance to ask any questions you may have about being a contributor.

Contributor Application

Complete the form, and submit your information for your profile page and offerings on the website including your scheduler.


Review the online training to be confident in your ability to use all your resources followed by a zoom call to answer any questions you still have.

Look over the application so you can ask your questions on the discovery call.

Types of Contributors

One Time Contributors

One-time contributors offer a workshop or training, or services on a limited basis. 

Registration for the offerings all runs through Emergence of Being and is marked to our partner network which includes: Holistic Health and Healing, The Sonic Shaman, Transcendent Minds, and Goddess Elite. 

Workshops can be live, or pre-recorded and available as an attend on-demand offering. 

The first step is to book a discovery call with Hank and to discuss what is possible and how we can be a contribution to each other. 

On-Going Contributors

On-Going Contributors have a profile page on the website and are included in monthly marketing efforts in addition to getting access to resources such as streaming software, scheduling software, video and photo editing soft, and many additional benefits. 

On-going contributors also gain access to posting on their own to the Emergence of Being.

Contributors also can live stream their content to our network to help establish themselves as an authority in their field and perhaps best of all, be part of the monthly create call where we collaborate with each other to create possiblity for everyone. 

How we contribute to you?

Live Streams

There are many free options to live stream and get your information out to the world. What we offer is the ability to stream up to 8 different locations between Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, YouTube, and more. Some of our media networks have over 10,000 audience members giving you an instant audience to deliver your message.


We use Acuity Scheduling to book all appointments. It will even create and send a zoom link to both you and your client. You can use your own check out links that can be sent in the confirmation e-mail after a client books or have us process the payment and send the funds to you weekly for a small administrative fee to cover interchange and accounting fees.


We get together for a monthly contributor creationship call as well as an energy exchange. We talk about our visions and support each other in actualizing our intentions into being. We also encourage members to have each other on as guests on live streams help support each other and bring more awareness of what our contributors have to offer.

Transcendent Minds

We have partnered with Transcendent Minds to offer a platform for your pre-recorded or live virtual classes. Depending on how involved Transcendent Minds and Emergence of Being is in producing your class, revenue split is 20-60%. There is no upfront production cost.

Generative Contributor Model

For in-person and virtual events held at Emergence of Being we retain 7-30% of the gross revenue. This is a regressive model meaning that the more you make, the less we take. Of the funds retained by EOB, 10% goes towards administration costs, the remaining 90 percent is split 50% to an expansion fund to grow the business, the other 50% is earmarked for advertising with half of that earmarked amount to drive traffic to the contributor that generated revenue. Sound confusing? It isn't we promise! Click the button below to watch a video explaining it with examples.

Sponsorship Program

Have someone with a gift that you would like to teach that is not a contribor? You can sponsor them and it enables you to advocate for the class and use the EOB marketing network creating a win-win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to participate in the contributor program you need the following.

  • Carry up to date practitioner insurance.
  • Offer at least 1 virtual service
  • Offer at least 1 virtual class
  • Participate in one live stream as a guest per month. (We also encourage you to do your own show)
  • Have the desire and passion to empower people to step into their personal power. 

Advertising may include but is not limited to:

  • Targeted Facebook Ads and promoted posts.
  • Thumbtack referrals
  • Google Adwords
  • Interview placement with backlinks
  • Blog article placement

No. All contributors are considered private contractors. 

As a contributor, we support you with one lead event per month.  These can be free or paid events. Additional events are supported and promoted by doing a split between 7-30%

Funds generated for EOB in this way get split between administrative costs, an expansion fund, and advertising. 

For example, if the center earns a $100 dollars 10% goes to administrative costs, 40% to the growth fund, and 50% to advertising to drive traffic back to the site. 1/2 of advertising  is a general campaign, the other 1/2 targets the contributor profile that brought the funds in. 


We have a room for use as part of a room share. There is a fee of $55.00 per month or $44.00 per month if you commit to 6 months at a time.  

This is for proporionate use of the roo and includes an on line scheduler for your clients to book. We can provide a payment link to your clients in the confirmation email, or you can have us collect the payment. 

If we process the payment we do retain 5% to cover credit card fees and accounting  costs to issue a 1099 at the end of the year. 

A hosted event is put on the website, marketed, and included in live streams. EOB gets a percentage depending on the cost per person. If a class is less than $100 it is 30% of the gross and decreases as low as 7%. per paid enrollment. 

A rental is simply you renting the space. You secure the space upfront and the rental fee is non-refundable. The event is not listed on the website or marketed. 

The monthly cost is $111.00 to be listed as a contributor. 

This price includes a value of 2698.00

  • Profile and acuity scheduler 250.00
  • Access to pro zoom w/breakout feature $780
  • Access to our Streaming Platform $468.00
  • Access to Transcendent Mind Teachable School $1200.00
  • Access to our marketing network and our passion to help your success… PRICELESS!

We looked at several businesses to model EOB after. Perhaps one of the most successful is Access Consciousness.

One reason they are so successful is that they are a content juggernaut. There are thousands of videos offering help on almost every topic. 

Live Streaming builds community, helps the audience connect with you, and helps to establish you as an expert in your field. 

If you are local we have all the video and audio equipment to record your class or video. We can also archive live virtual workshops and offer them for resale. 

If you are not local, you will need to invest in a camera and a microphone, but we can help you using our streaming software to capture your video and add intros, outros and overlays as you do your presentation. 

It is simple really. If you have an end product ready to distribute we put your class on the site and every time someone enrolls in the course you receive a payout for 80% of the tuition. 

If you need us to film, edit, and help create the class you receive a payout of 40%. We do not ask for any funds upfront for production costs.


Not necessarily, however, depending on your country and governing laws we may or may not be able to accept payments for classes or sessions if we are unable to issue a 1099 or legally payout funds. 

Becoming a contributor is a 3 step process. 

  1. Schedule a discover call. In this call, you will speak to one or more current contributors. We get a feeling for you and you get a feeling for us. We explain in more depth our business philosophy and answer any and all questions that you have. 
  2. After choosing to move forward, complete the contributor agreement form including payment and profile information to build out your page. 
  3. Once your profile is up, start creating! 

Ready to get started?

Schedule your discovery call today and see what is possible!