Casey MacBride

A balanced approach

Blending intuition, healing and communication with the seen and unseen world.

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Available Services

Shamanic Healing

Taught by the spirit world and reinforced with the teachings of the Paqo Tradition this unique style healing supports almost any need. Learn More.

Past Life Regressions

Past life regressions can gives us valuable insights in to cycles that repeat in our current life. Learn More.

Shamanic Journeying

Discover ways to enter altered states without the need for plant medicines or chemicals. Learn More

Massage Therapy

Taking care of the physical body is often times neglected. Stress and cellular memory are easily released with mindful massage. Learn More.

Shamans Way Live Streams

Casey does many live streams offering his amazing gifts to all who are ready and willing to receive. Learn More.

Spirit Guide Communication

Casey can teach you how to connect and communicate with your spirit guides to offer healing, guidance and more. Learn More.

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