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Dr. Adriana Krywiak

A Holistic Balanced Approach

Claim the life of health, ease and possibility you deserve.

Available Services

Taking a holistic approach to address to totality of you, Body Being and Beyond. Learn More.

This amazing tool allows us to dive deep into the physical and emotional body and run protocols to facilitate change. Learn More

Focusing on aligning and balancing the energy centers, this helps to improve everything else. Learn More.

The feet are one of the best places for the body to absorb or get rid of things. The foot detox is a great complement to the other work. Learn More.

Not sure what is right for you? Dr. K offers complementary consultations to discuss your needs and determine the greatest possibilities. Click here to book a call now! 

PinPointe FootLaser

This is a convenient and easy process that helps turn disfigured and discolored  nails into healthier and clearer looking nails. Learn More.

The best care for you body, being and beyond!

Improved Health

Weight Management
Reduced Anxiety

Personal Treatment

Better processing of medications and supplements
Decreased use of medications

Well Being

Mental Clarity
Quality of life

Tools and Techniques

Empowering you to work in-between sessions

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Reach a better, healthier, happier state of being.