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Creation with Entities

Creation with Entities Intro 9/30 7:00pm

What if there were a world of beings who would and could create with you if you were willing to receive it?

Is this dangerous or a gift of magnitude?

Learn how to create with the entities and energies that are available for all of us that so few receive.

What gifts do the spirit world desire to gift you for being you?

What is Talk to the Entities?

Talk to the Entities is a set of specialty classes and topics with Access Consciousness. The tools of the class were created by Gary Douglas’s daughter Shannon O’Hara. It is now taught all over the world by Certified Facilitators. Join us for this free introduction taster class to learn more about what talk to the Entities is all about!

Your Facilitator

Heather MacMillian is a Certified Facilitator  of Access Consciousness in addition to being a Talk to the Entities Facilitator. 

We are so excited to have her to teach not just the introduction class, but a whole series of classes all centered around the amazing Talk to the Entities work.