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Seven Glory Sunrise

Dragon Lady Shamanic Services

Deanna Nechitilo (The Dragon Lady) is a Pleiadian starseed walk-in who is here to assist with healing, restoring balance and raising consciousness on Earth during this most crucial and pivotal period in its history.

Among her most valued and trusted allies in the mission to Make Earth Decent Again are the crystal beings and dragon spirits. In addition to crystal healing, she practices Peruvian and core shamanism, reiki, astrology, Tarot, Access Bars®  and other Access Consciousness® modalities. Follow her on Instagram @dragonladyshaman or on her website

Meet Deanna The Dragon Lady

Available Services

Crystal Grid Magical Manifesting

What’s more powerful than a crystal? Lots of crystals! Chosen for their harmony, compatibility and effectiveness, arranged into a grid using the principles of sacred geometry, charged with reiki and source field energies, and blessed with the life-changing magic of focused intention, these grids work on your behalf to change the very fabric of reality within and around you. Grids can be made to support any intention; please let us know what magic we can co-create in your life!

Crystal Healing

Transform your energy – and your life – using the highly refined power and precision of crystals!

Clear and release what no longer serves you (pain, depression, trauma, heavy energy, karmic baggage, etc.); embody and attract that which you desire (love, money, confidence, health, joy, vitality, etc.).

Crystal healing is an advanced spiritual technology that can shatter frozen holding patterns and program a new, vibrant level of being into the individual.

Shamanic Healing

A multidimensional spiritual healing experience that can help resolve chronic issues on the soul level. May include clearing work, extraction, depossession, soul retrieval, connecting with helpful spirits, restructuring the energy body, repairing damage to the aura, cord-cutting, and/or other methods to restore wellness on a deep level.

Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is the whacky crazy modality that offers contemporary tools that work. 

Pure consciousness by their definition receives everything, rejects nothing and helps to create a greater set of possibilities so that all human kind can thrive. 

Astrology Consultations

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” – Socrates.
“WHY am I LIKE this?!” – everyone at some point

The individual is a microcosm of the Universe, and the Universal energies present at the moment of birth are deeply imprinted onto the soul.

Becoming familiar with those energies helps us strengthen our strengths, compensate for our weaknesses, find our callings, and rise to our challenges with greater precision and skill.

To know thyself is to love thyself; becoming familiar with our natal chart (or the map of our soul) helps us love who we are and lean into our self-actualization with no remorse and no hesitation.

Tarot Reading

The Universe is trying to tell you something… are you listening? Let the Dragon Lady be its translator, using the wisdom and guidance of Tarot. Powerful archetypes reach through the web of eternity to bring you along on the hero’s journey and highlight the path of your destiny. Find support and clarify for your most pressing and confounding issues, presented with refreshing candor and inspiring pragmatism.


Reiki is an energy healing modality that works with the client’s own energy systems to facilitate miraculous shifts toward greater health and wholeness. Many find the healing process to be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, even blissful. Reiki can remove blocks and restore abundant wellness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of the being.

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