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Entities and Relationships

All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and Glory!​

Join us on December  15th with Certified Facilitator Heather MacMillian. Discover how entities can be a contribution to not just your love relationships but virtually everyone. In fact what if they could help you move from relationship to creationship? 

What is Access?

What exactly is Access Consciousness? It is a set of wild, weird wacky tools that actually work. They empower you to know that you know and gives you the tools needed to choose the things that will create more possibility in your life. 

What is Talk to the Entities?

Meet Shannon O’Hara, founder of Talk to the Entities. She has created a stream line set of tools to help clear, communicate, and cooperate with entities. What is possible if you start to create with the unseen world?

Meet your Facilitator

Heather MacMillian is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CF), Talk to the Entities® Facilitator, voice over artist, writer, and creative consultant.  Watch the video to the left and/or click here to learn more about Heather

Are you ready to fill you life with Ease, Joy, and Glory?