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Ceremony and Sound

All the universe is vibration, what vibration do you need to heal?

Join Us!

Join Hank Setala the Sonic Shaman on the 4th Friday every month at 7:00 pm for a deep dive into the world of shamanism and sound. Hank opens with a traditional Peruvian opening and creates waves of sound and vibration allowing your consciousness to surf the cosmos. In person space is limited to just 9 participants due to COVID-19 guidelines. 

How to prepare

Simply come in with an open mind and a willingness to receive. Doing some sort of meditative practice before and after the experience may enhance your experience and how long the effect last for you. Yoga mats are provided. Blankets and pillows on request, however we welcome you to bring your own due to COVID. 


For in-person participants, the ask is $30.00 per person. The concert is also live-streamed where love offerings are appreciated but not required. Catch the stream on the Sonic Shaman YouTube channel

About Hank Setala

Hank  is a trained Paqo and a master sound healer. He was inspired from a close encounter with a red tailed hawk to start blending the ancient ceremony with modern sound healing tools like crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and so much more. Check out the video to see a presentation he did for Fellowships of the Spirit to get a feel for for his unique healing vibration.  

Are you ready to surf the waves of healing?

Sign up for the concert today or catch the live stream on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe!