Energy Clinic

Join us the 1st and 3rd Monday's for 15 minute mini sessions.

Your Facilitators

Hank has been serving the community for over 10 years. He has a unique gift to efforts blend together elements from different modalities to archive amazing results. 

He believes in a “no limit” teaching style that empowers students to go far past the class material and soar to new heights of awareness and creativity by empowering them to listen to the divine voice within. 

Dr. Adriana Krywiak DPM, CFMD, QBT

Dr. K is a foot and ankle surgeon by training who then moved on to get certified in functional energy, energy mastery, Quantum Bio-Feedback and so much more. She talks a truly holistic approach to facilitating healing and change on all levels, body being, and beyond!

What you get at the clinic

One of the greatest things that hold people back from breaking through limitations and stepping into healing and possibility is the accumulation of heavy stagnant energy. 

In the power-packed 15 minutes, Dr. K and Hank work on you at the same time working intuitively to clear your energy field so that you can more easily develop habits and choices centered around well-being. 

What will your experience be like? Check out the video below!

Actor and Comedian

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