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Shamanic Guided Meditation

Join us January 15th at 7:00pm via Zoom

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Matthew is trained in the Q’ero tradition of the Andes Mountains in Peru by don Zane Curfman. A Master of Social Work Student, he also has experience in tarot, mediumship, and reiki. Bringing a trauma-informed approach to all his work, Matthew understands that we are all humans on a wonderful journey together and the most beautiful thing about it is the love and healing we give others.

About the Class

Peruvian shaman Matthew will guide you on a shamanic journey to manifest the healing potential that exists inside you. There is no need to have any meditation experience for these journeys, as he will lead you through a shamanic-oriented hypnosis.

Matthew will attempt to address the needs of all attendees in each journey, personalizing every meditation for the group present, providing a unique experience every time. Some topics of focus include: emotional healing, inner child healing, shadow work, self-empowerment, trauma recovery, grief healing, and spirit guide work.

Matthew’s intuitively guided meditations will take you on a unique experience guaranteed to leave you with at least something to think about!

See Matthew in Action

Check out Matthew’s appearance on the Sonic Shaman YouTube channel. A little later in the show, he walks people through an amazing transformative experience to see the “bless in the mess” and transform trauma into fertilizer for growth. 

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