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Healing Live Stream

Find your unique voice in this world!

Join Us!

Every Wednesday at 11:00am EST, Hank Setala and Casey MacBride (Hosts of Stir Crazy Shamans) Stream a group virtual healing session. There is no cost to attend, though love offerings are appreciated. 

You can just catch the stream, however, if you register in advance we call you in by  name during the ceremony. 

How we work

We set up in our office with a 4k camera and Blue Yeti Microphone. We stream to over 8 different locations and we can see your comments and interact with you throughout the process. All you need to do is be in the state of allowance and receive. How does it get better than that? 

What's Next

After the group healing, we sometimes will do a 2nd stream and work with people one on one. It is amazing how much is possible without actually being in person. Hank and Casey both see clients individually and are now offering sessions where they work one on one with you together. You can also catch all the past virutal group healings on the Stir Crazy Shamans website or YouTube channel.