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A new company a new brand

in 2018, from an inspiration/vision, HHH was gifted to someone. From here the choice was to divide the company into 3 parts. One of those parts was to form Holistic Health and Healing LLC and operate a Holistic Center in North Olmsted Ohio. 

An amazing space was created and HHH provided a space for various holistic professionals to be able to work and hold events. As all the partners continued to grow and evolve, they each had very different passions on where to focus their creativity. After the impact of COVID, it was chosen unanimously to dissolve the company and part ways. It is an amicable seperation and the partners remain close friends today. 

Following a new inspiration, the original founder of HHH, Hank Setala created Emergence of Being. Emergence of Being is reflective of the incredible shift we are in as a species as we move from human “doings” into human “beings” The new business functions under the idea that we are in the world but not of it, that we are all connected and to be in creationship, not a relationship. 

The “generative contributor model” was created to create a system where the business entity, and the people who associate with it, are in a mindset of expansion, possibility and to put in energetically more than you take out, in this way both the business and the contributors can experience growth with ease. The shift also has moved from local to global, recognizing that our unique voices in this world and our gifts can be a contribution to all of humanity and not just our local neighborhood. 

Emergence of Being is operating out of the same space of the Holistic Health and Healing Center, and will continue to offer the community events that so many have come to look forward to while expanding our reach to people around the world. 

The HHH brand will still be used for the other 2 parts of the business that were fragmented off. The Holistic Health and Healing Expo, and the Holistic Health and Healing Store will still be used as trade names under the parent company Higher Healing by Hank LLC. 

Looking to Connect with the old HHH?

Rian Dean

Rian continues to offer his live streams centered around Empathic Empowerment, and will be launching an online course and coaching program in the near future. Connect with him on his website. 

The HHH Expo

You can find all the information about the HHH expo on the expo website. The site is about to undergo a complete revamp so stay tuned for updates and the 2021 show will be a hybrid in-person and virtual event, working with Transcendent Minds and Emergence of Being. 

The HHH Store

The webstore that used to be just a subdomain of the HHH center is now using the full domain. You can shop for over 300 different products related to aromatherapy and sound therapy.