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Introduction to Sound Healing (0)

Sound Healing with the Sonic Shaman

Where: Healing Brew LLC 1672 Merriman RD, Akron OH 44143

When: November 9:00am-11:00

Investment $40.00 per person 

About Hank

Hank is a Master Sound Healer having trained with Soma Energetics, Dr. John Beaulieu of the author of Huan Tuning and the legendary Jay Schwed (aka gypsy Jay). Hank has been using sound and teaching for over 10 years. Check out the video to see a short explanation of just one of the sets Hank uses in his day to day practice. 

Endless Possibility

Hank works with hundreds of different forks. Though the class will cover the basics there are no questions off limits if there is a particular set you want to know about. Make a note when you secure your spot if there are specific frequencies you would like to know about. 

Special Offer

Use the code BREW10 to get 15% off your order on Hank’s online store. Forks will NOT be shipped if ordered in time for the class, Hank will bring them the day of class.