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Kausay Phutuy

The Breath of Life

Six week spiritual development intensive with don Zane Curfman, author of Inka Mountain Magic!

Develop the Gifts of Spirit and Live Life From the Driver's Seat in 6 Weeks Through the Sacred Art of Breathing!
Class starts February 16th


Kausay is Quechua for the life force and its simplest expression is the breath. Developing a relationship with it gives you the power to drive your life and bring the things you desire most into focus.

One key way to accomplish this is through the sacred art of breathing used for millennia by shamans and spiritual workers the world over to shift from doing into being -stepping into the role of a conscious co-creator with life.

An Interview with don Zane Curfman

Your Facilitator

don Zane Curfman has spent decades getting this knowledge from different South American and Afro/Caribbean traditions. He is the founder of the Salka Munay Ayllu which works to preserve these ancient traditions of spirituality and folk healing for future generations. 

He brings the most complementary aspects of all these traditions together in the Katari tradition of cross-cultural shamanism.

What you walk away with

Simple reliable ways to achieve altered states with no plant medicine or dangerous chemicals. 

Developing the ability to enter these states is the key to leading an intuitive life co-created with spirit. 

You will walk away with a sound foundation of spiritual wisdom to strengthen your own daily practice to help you connect and create with the divine. 

Starting Feb 16. Don't delay! Sign up today.