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Live Streams

Something for everyone

All of our contributors do live streams offering their knowledge in a personable fun way. There are hundreds of hours of content to enjoy, and it is a great way to get to know our contributors on a personal level. 

If you want to catch streams live, be sure to subscribe to each channel and turn notifications on. 


Dr. Adriana Krywiak

Dr. K offers content that covers everything from medical topics to energy techniques. Watch Now

Join Hank Setala and Casey MacBride for empowering conversations and healing ceremonies. Watch Now.

Join Hank Setala for videos on a wide range of topics including healing, sound, and inspiration. Watch Now.

On Holistic Highlights, you may meet all of our practitioners on a wide range of programs. Watch now.

Join Casey MacBride for shamanic journeys, guided meditations and live healing events. What else is possible? Watch now.

Maybe you?

Are you a healer with a passion to promote growth and change? Become a contributor today! Click here to learn more.