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Return to the Garden

“When the Colonists arrived in the New World and first shared their faith with the indigenous inhabitants. The new world peoples identified with the stories of the garden of Eden Exclaiming this is us! This is the garden!”!

A Pilgrimage of the Soul

Join don Zane Curfman on a spiritual adventure, a pilgrimage of renewing our soul and reclaiming our essential self. In this program Mother Nature will open her classroom to us. We will learn by working with the nature spirits of the Appalachian Mountains, one of the most ancient mountain ranges on earth. We will visit places that were known and venerated by the indignous inhabitants of the region.

These places not only hold the collective memory of the past yet by honoring them we awaken a energy grid that serves as a catapult to our future destiny. Through ancient earth honoring ceremonies and initiation rights we renew our connection to the nature spirits and are welcomed to once again walk in beauty in the garden. 


This retreat is open to new and returning students. For new students there is an optional 8 week course you can take that will give you tools to get the most our of the experience.



Land Celebration

We will be staying at the beautiful Land Celebration. A retreat that will serve as our spiritual center and entry point to the sacred spots we will be visiting.

Your tuition covers your lodging in bunk houses and entry to all. If you are flying in, a shuttle services is available to pick you up from the airport. We will also provide transpiration to the sites for anyone who does not drive to the retreat. For the rest we will carpool to the sites.

If you are traveling form Cleveland, if there is enough interest we will have a shuttle service for an additional contribution.

Water and lite snacks are included. Food is not included, though there will be opportunities to collaborate for meal preparation.


The Retreat will start with a 3:00pm Check in Sunday August 8th., and conclude at 1:00pm on August 14th. Start and finish times will vary each day based on our nature trips. 

About Zane

Zane is an author, healer and spiritual teacher who has been serving his community for over 20 years. Zane started apprenticing with the Q’ero Paqo Kuna tradition (nature mystic/shamanism) in his early 20’s. He fell in love with the culture and the spiritual traditions of the region, studying with many of the indigenous spiritual masters of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes.

In 2009 he was adopted by the family of Maria Scolie and Husto Apaza and became a member of the Q’ero village of Qiqo.

Zane loves these traditions, believing they hold essential keys for unlocking the spiritual potential of the individual.


He was tasked by his indigenous masters to serve as a bridge between cultures and adapt these teachings for the western mind while preserving their cultural roots. To this end Zane created the Katari Tradition of Cross-cultural Shamanism, the Wild Hearts Medicine Society and the Nine-month Art of Spiritual Healing Shaman Apprenticeship Program. 


Ready to start your the Pilgrimage of the soul? Click below to register today. 

About 3 weeks before the event, a Facebook Group will be created to network and collaborate for meals and optional activities.