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Access Bars

Access Bars are is of the fastest-growing modalities on the planet, now practiced in over 170 countries. The mantra of Access is all of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory. Founded by Gary Douglas, Access bars are creating more change on the planet than ever before. 

What are Access Bars?

Access Bars are 32 points on the head that corelate to different themes of energy. Similar to how you have folders to organize data. When the opposing sides are lightly touched it creates a bar of energy that helps to dissipate all the thoughts, feelings, considerations, judgements and conclusions that you hold about that theme so you can step into a new possibility. 

A Bars session is also about receiving. Many people, and their bodies do not know how to receive. There is a saying in access when it comes Bars. Worst case scenario you will feel like you had a great massage, best case scenario your whole life will change.  

Bars Backed by Science?

Check out the review of Access Bars by Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffery L Fannin below.

Access Bar Contributors

The Bars Explained

Think of the brain as a computer, and the bar points as folders containing themes of energy (joy, sadness, relationships, implates, etc) When the practitioner applies light pressure to the 2 opposing points of that folder it creates a bar of energy connecting the two. (This is where the name comes from) This energy helps to dissipate any thought-forms or beliefs, expectations, jusdtments definition, and conclusions that would prevent you from having a different possiblity. 

Hank Setala is a Bars Faciliator and a CFMW. He is able to offer a handful of body processes 

common questions

The practitioner tunes into the body and asks what energy would be the greatest contribution. 3 people with the same thing going on may have arrived to that condition in vary different ways. 

This means that each person may get a different body process from their practitioner. 

The body processes are about being in communion with the body and catering to what it needs.

Session times vary. We allow the energy to run until it stops. Sometimes just one energy flow is run in a session and other times a few processes can be run. 

Typically a process can take an hour or more if you fully allow the energy to flow while the body simply receives. 

Not sure which contributor or service is right for you?

Schedule a discovery call and consult with one or more of our contributors via zoom to get a feel for what is possible.