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Access Body Processes

Access Consciousness is best known for the bars but there are over 70 different energy processes that each have their distinct focus to change different aspects of your life and contribute to the body in unique ways. 

What is a Body Process?

For anything going on in the body there is an energy that could be a contribution. There are over 100 different processes in Access Consciousness. Depending on what classes your Access Practitioner has taken, they can offer several different energies that can shift and create change with ease in your world.

Body Process Contributors

Energy Processes Explained

10 people with the same health or energy issues all arrived to that place a different way. This means that for each person a different variety of energy processes may be required, or doing them in a different order. 

The practitioner uses their awareness and asks questions to hone in on what process will create the most possibility for the body being and beyond. 

Please note that Access does not recognize distance healing and these sessions are only available in person. 

Hank Setala is a Bars Facilitator and a CFMW. He is able to offer a number of body processes including MTVSS, zero-sum of trauma, cellular memory, and many more. 

common questions

The practitioner tunes into the body and asks what energy would be the greatest contribution. 3 people with the same thing going on may have arrived to that condition in vary different ways. 

This means that each person may get a different body process from their practitioner. 

The body processes are about being in communion with the body and catering to what it needs.

Session times vary. We allow the energy to run until it stops. Sometimes just one energy flow is run in a session and other times a few processes can be run. 

Typically a process can take an hour or more if you fully allow the energy to flow while the body simply receives. 

Not sure which contributor or service is right for you?

Schedule a discovery call and consult with one or more of our contributors via zoom to get a feel for what is possible.