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Bodyguard Detox Foot Bath

A foot ionic detox is thought to work by allowing toxins to be pulled out of the body through your feet. It is also a great way to be kind to your body and is a great add on to any other service. 

What is possible with a foot bath detox?

What can a detox potentially do for you?

  • Helps to increases its cell vitality
  • May help to eliminates microorganisms
  • May help to Boost energy
  • Harmonizes body Ph acid/alkaline
  • May help to eliminates viruses – flu
  • Relaxation and stress
  • May help to eliminates bad bacteria
  • May help to purify the liver
  • May help to eliminate parasites
  • Improves nerve communication
  • May help to Speeds the body’s own healing
  • May help to Fight Epstein Barr
  • May help Improves digestion
  • May support the elimination of heavy chemicals
  • Heightens clarity of mind
  • May help to eliminates Pharmaceuticals
  • May help to eliminate candida
  • May help to eliminates alcohol buffer
  • May help to eliminates infection
  • May help to Enhance immune system
  • May support the lymphatic system
  • May help to Purifie blood
  • May help to Eliminate worms
  • May support the lungs
  • May help to Fight Lyme disease
  • May help to clear bronchial tubes
  • May help to Fight shingles
  • May help to neutralize bug bites
  • May help to Fight Fibromyalgia
  • May help to Eliminate cavity bacteria
  • May help to Detoxify the cells
  • May help to eliminates gum bacteria
  • May Speed recovery
  • May help with eye infections
  • May help to Eliminate lactic acid
  • May help to Clear toxic lymph nodes
  • May speeds athletic recovery
  • May support the immune system

common questions

The practitioner tunes into the body and asks what energy would be the greatest contribution. 3 people with the same thing going on may have arrived to that condition in vary different ways. 

This means that each person may get a different body process from their practitioner. 

The body processes are about being in communion with the body and catering to what it needs.

Session times vary. We allow the energy to run until it stops. Sometimes just one energy flow is run in a session and other times a few processes can be run. 

Typically a process can take an hour or more if you fully allow the energy to flow while the body simply receives. 

The Legal Stuff...

*Disclaimer: The Bodyguard Detox Foot Bath is not a medical device. This product and service is currently considered an experimental device and does not include any therapies, tool for techniques that are regulated by any licensed stated health care profession more is it intended to prevent or treat any disease or health condition. Information contained here and provided by EOB affiliates is solely for the purposes of education and are not intended to be prescriptive in nature. None of the information provided intended to act as a substitute for counseling with your health care professional, nor does it involve the prognosis, diagnosis, or prescription of remedies for the treatment or prevention of any disease, illness, or health condition. Prior to using any experimental device, you are advised to consult with a health care professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drub Administration) as such this product is not intended to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose a disease. *

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