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Intuitive Facilitation

This is a dynamic life coaching that is more than just getting life advice. Using intuition and tools from NLP, Access Consciousness, and other modalities it strives to bring awareness to the original energetic wounds that create the undesired patterns in your life. 

How does intuitive facilitations work?

For over a decade Hank has offered intuitive readings from spirit. He is a natural intuitive who further developed his abilities by attending the 2-year program at Fellowships of the Spirt in Lily Dale New York as well as an in-depth shaman apprenticeship program and courses from Access Consciousness including the acclaimed Talk to the Entities Class. 

Hank came to the awareness in 2018 that a different approach to intuitive work would create more dynamic change in his clients.

By incorporating tools from Access Consciousness, NLP, and spirit communication as well as other modalities intuitive facilitation was born. In this dynamic model prepare to break through the limitations definitions and conclusions that have stopped you from having the reality you desire most show up in your life. 

Sessions are available virtually or at the North Olmsted location, all coming with optional recording so you can go back and refer to your session in the future. 



Sessions available virtually

No matter where you live, healing and change is possible

What else is possible?

The only limitation on the change that you can have is the change you are unwilling to receive.

With intuitive facilitation, Hank uses his gives to seek out “The original wound” which is the key to breaking through the limitations with ease.

This is accomplished by blending the right questions with clearing techniques in addition to incorporating shamanic principles and ceremonies.  

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common questions

Hank recommends for an initial session 90 minutes, however he can adjust to work most effectively if a shorter session is not possible. 

Recording is entirely your choice. If we do record the session and you change your mind at any time the recording will be deleted no questions asked. 

For people who want to commit to 6 or 12 sessions a package price is available if paid in advance. Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs. 

For most people a single session can change the course of their entire life. In fact, many people start by having just 1 no-limit sessions with Hank and don’t need a follow up for months. 

More frequent sessions are available if desired or required due to life events. 


There is no comparison. With a facilitation we are going after original wounds and supporting rapid healing and change. 

Life coaching is more conversational in nature. Hank does offer that as well.

Not sure which contributor or service is right for you?

Schedule a discovery call and consult with one or more of our contributors via zoom to get a feel for what is possible.