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Quantum Biofeedback Therapy

This amazing technology uses electromagnetic frequencies to bring into alignment the electrical impulses of the body. This alignment may help to reduce the stress that results from imbalances to the health. 

Virtual Quantum BioFeedback Demonstration

Virtual Bio Feedback Sessions

The Quantum Bio Feedback sessions can be done in person, or virtually. Dr. K has the ability to help anyone anywhere. How does it get any better than that? 

The Biofeedback device was in dvelopment for many years with the goal to combine advanced quantum technology with holistic medicine. 

The device makes it possible to search the body for its most chronic and acute needs as well as for stressors, toxins, and many other things that may be impacting the body and delivers the information in a way that allows Dr. K to make recommendations to support the entire body, being, and beyond. 

How to get started

Step 1 (Optional)

Schedule a 15 minute call with Dr. K to ask any questions.

Step 2

Download the intake form

Step 3

Upload Your Completed Form

Step 4

Book your 1 hour evaluation

common questions

Doing the initial evaluation is a great place to start. Depending in individual needs results can be realized with just a session or two, and for other more involved cases it may be may take several sessions over the course of several months.

Dr. K works with each person to create a plan and program that fits their needs. 

Dr. K takes each clients unique circumstances into consideration, so there is no one set price for a more involved program. For the initial evaluation the investment is $100.00 dollars.

We do not directly bill insurance so all services are paid up front. Depending on your insurance, reimbursement may be possible for some services. 

Yes! While it is may be preferred to have an in-person experience it is certainly not necessary. 

This can be determined after the initial evaluation to see what is going on. Based on this information Dr. K may make other recommendations to support the whole being approach to wellness. 

In an ever changing environment it is always best to check with who administers your account. The devices is FDA approved and sessions are typically eligible expenses. 

Not sure which contributor or service is right for you?

Schedule a discovery call and consult with one or more of our contributors via zoom to get a feel for what is possible.