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Reiki is one of the most widely recognized and accepted energy healing modalities on the planet. It can be done in person, or virtually. Sessions are catered depending on the goals/targets of the client. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “God guided life energy”. It was rediscovered by Dr. Usui and has broadened to hundreds of different variations.

The truth of the matter is that if Reiki would have been discovered in a different culture, it would have been named through the lenses of that belief system. If it were discovered in Peru it would have been Kanchi.  This is important to note  to understand that when it comes to Reiki, it important to see how you “feel” about your practitioner. It is their unique vibration, and the lenses that they look at the energy with that may determine how effective a session is. 

Hank incorporates the principles and techniques of Reiki as part of what he calls “No Limit” healing. Hank strives to offer all his services in a way that is not limited by a definition, conclusion, judgments, or expectation. 

It is in this space, combined with a client’s willingness to receive that miracles happen. 


Ready to being your journey?

Book in-person or virtually

No matter where you are in the world, you can start your journey to wholeness today!

Hank is a natural intuitive and healer having displayed gifts at a very young age. In 2008 he continued his journey in an acutely conscious way. 

He is a Reiki Master Teacher and a graduate of the Fellowships of the Spirit  School of Healing and Prophesy in Lily Dale NY.

He has also been trained in Lomi Lomi, NLP, EFT, Color Works, Crystal Healing and so much more. 

If you do want something specific, be sure to select it when booking your appointment and Hank will be sure to incorporate it into your session. Have questions? Book a 15 minute zoom call.

common questions

Reiki is one way to tap into infinite energy, and is presented through certain cultural filters. 

Some modalities are very similar and simply have different terminology, belief systems and points of view. 

Choose the practitioner and the modality that feels “light” to you and see what is possible.

This varies by person. Most clients see hank more frequently at the beginning and then space out sessions to once a month or even once a year. 

The more active you are in your day to day living and functioning from a place of responding vs reacting is what determines how frequently a session is needed. 


You can book times in 30, 60, 90, and 120 minute increments. 

Hank recommends going with a 90 or 120 minute session for your initial appointment and then 30 minute follow ups as needed. 

Not sure which contributor or service is right for you?

Schedule a discovery call and consult with one or more of our contributors via zoom to get a feel for what is possible.