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Spark of the Phoenix

Ignite Your Soul Purpose

The Spark of the Phoenix is a 2 day intensive designed to cut through the trauma and drama of your past and use it as fuel to ignite the purpose of the soul. 

What are the infinite possibilities if you were to unblock yourself from the limitations that have been holding you back from expressing your true unique voice in this world? 

This 2 day class condenses down and fast tracks 6 weeks of material plus the facilitator Brian Daniel Edwards as traveled the world learning form gurus of many different cultures allowing him to present the information that is most relevant and most consistent between the different spiritual paths. 

Your Facilitator Brian Daniel Edwards

Brian is a power house in literally everything he does. He has created the life of his dreams going against the projections of many of the people around him. 

He has traveled the world seeking to connect with other healers and teachers and exchange information. He has lived and experienced more of the world in a few decades than others have experienced in multiple life times. 

Following his guidance and inspiration from spirit he is now taking what he has learned and putting together a program that will help you fast track your healing journey on your path to self actualization and stepping into your soul purpose. 


"Be an untouchable opponent in the face of limiting beliefs/programming, gain clarity on your life's direction & purpose, and Own It."