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The Magic of Breath

No matter your situation in life, you always have your breath. Join us February 2nd for a free Zoom workshop

Join Us!

don Zane Curfman author of Inka Mount Magic will be leading a 60 minute zoom workshop on an introduction to breathwork and the magic it can hold for your personal and spiritual development. 

Reservations are required to get the link. A replay will be available on request if you have to miss the live class.

About Zane

on Zane Curfman has spent decades getting this knowledge from different South American and Afro/Caribbean traditions. He is the founder of the Salka Munay Ayllu which works to preserve these ancient traditions of spirituality and folk healing for future generations. 

He brings the most complementary aspects of all these traditions together in the Katari tradition of cross-cultural shamanism.

How to Prepare

Set the tone of your space. Try to have it free of clutter. Wear comfortable clothing and make sure to use the bathroom before we begin. It is ideal to eat light before the experience.