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Transcendent Minds

Ready to change the world?

Transcendent Minds is a partnership between Melissa Wiles owner of Goddess Elite LLC, and Hank Setala owner of Emergence of being. Using their amazing collaborative power they created Transcendent Minds to be a platform offering courses on demand for virtually any spiritual topic. 

In addition to offering the classes and workshops, we give course creators access to be on a number of livestreams and pod casts to help promote their course, brand and services. 

The Transcendent Minds Model

How does the model work?

Cooperation not competition

We believe that in the energy of abundance that there is no competition and we can support each other in everything that we do.

To have a view of competition would be to come from the energy of scarcity. 


Creationship not Relationship

Relationships function from duality where we perceive ourselves as separate from one another. 

In our model, we acknowledge that in under all that, there is oneness, and from this space recognizing that we are one with each other we move from relationship to creationship. 

Anyi ~ Divine Riciprocity

This is an ancient concept from the Paqo tradition of Peru. It is all about being in the flow and be in a state of constant exchange with the universe and one another. 

Between the practitioner and Emergence of Being the mindset is “put in more than you take out” In this energy both the contributor and Emergence of Being can grow.

Become a course creator in 3 steps

Discovery Call

Schedule a discovery call to ensure that your vision is aligned with Transcendent Minds and have a chance to ask any questions you may have about being a contributor.

Course Creator Application

Complete the form, and submit your information for your profile page and offerings on the website including your scheduler.


Review the online training to be confident in your ability to use all your resources followed by a zoom call to answer any questions you still have.

We can also help to film your class locally, or remotely and help with the editing.

How we contribute to you?

Live Streams

Between our network of streamers and programs, we give you visibility across our social media channels to help promote your class and get your name out there. You can appear on the Goddess Elite show, The Sonic Shaman, Emergence of Being, Holistic Health and Healing and Shaman's Way.

We also are networked with other shows that we may be able to get you on as a guest.

Contributor Program

If you would like more exposure for your services or would like resources to do your own livestream show and podcast you can consider becoming an Emergence of Being Contributor and get more exposure for your brand and your products and services.


Through content creation we look to build community with an invitation for people to take deeper dives into our products and offerings.

Instructor Revenue Share

For most agreements, any courses sold, we split the revenue 50/50. We can help you develop your course and stream line it for adult learning and give you the support to increase your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hosted event is put on the website, marketed, and included in live streams. EOB gets a percentage depending on the cost per person. If a class is less than $100 it is 30% of the gross and decreases as low as 7%. per paid enrollment. 

A rental is simply you renting the space. You secure the space upfront and the rental fee is non-refundable. The event is not listed on the website or marketed. 

Becoming a contributor is a 3 step process. 

  1. Schedule a discover call. In this call, you will speak to one or more current contributors. We get a feeling for you and you get a feeling for us. We explain in more depth our business philosophy and answer any and all questions that you have. 
  2. After choosing to move forward, complete the contributor agreement form including payment and profile information to build out your page. 
  3. Once your profile is up, start creating! 

Ready to get started?

Schedule your discovery call today and see what is possible!